Brick House

Exceptional features of Warmia and Mazury region are not only the beautiful nature with hills and thousands of lakes but also solid architectural background with unusual potential. Rural scenery of Mazury is made of traditional simple buildings, materials and architectonic details that create unique cultural character. This simple spatial agreement functioned unchanged for decades, was worked out by the generations and became the trademark of the region.

Building plot: 0,12 ha
Localization: north of Warmia and Mazury region

Design intent:
Red brick house, in the plan of the elongated rectangle became the starting point for design research. In the dialogue with tradition we used characteristic elements like red elevation brick, roof covering- ceramic roof tile, rhythmical system of odd, standing rectangular windows- 1:2, localization of main entrance on the longer elevation wall and building plan- rectangle 1-1.5.

Modern character of elevation was achieved by glazings with traditional decorating elements like wooden shutters in contrastive colors and wooden entrance and garage door, maintaining the traditional style.
The project is based on the concept „ house under one roof”- joining the living and utility space. These functions were divided and formed the living zone, arcade with recreation zone and utility zone with garage and boiler house. On the ground floor space you can distinguish kitchen with dining room open for the fireplace in the centre of the house and a lounge area. This open space is enriched with large glazings viewing the garden. The ground floor was adjusted for disabled person. Bedrooms, bathroom and guest room were placed on the first floor.

Characteristic data of a single-family house.

Building area: 80,0 m2
Useable area: 95,0 m2
Building volume: 560,0 m3
Ridge height: 7,5 m
Roof pitch angle: 48˚