World Architecture Community

We are honoured to announce that our studio was awarded in the 14th edition of the World Architecture Contest organized by the World Architecture Community for the project of single-family detached house in Zawiercie. Our project was chosen among the 93 others sent from all over the world and appreciated by the honorary members of the World Architecture Community.

The whole building represents the minimalistic style. The newly built part was designed with architectural concrete, the old one was given the light plaster. The whole form was lit up at the garden side, we added new, larger windows with woodwork. The characteristic break of the building block makes partly covered terrace. The dynamic band around the terrace is at the same time the living room extension. The garden interfuses with the interior. The conversion of the building from the 70s is based on the modernism. This architectural idea is the response to fundamental human needs when talking about living space. The simple form of the building dictates the simple functional division of the interior.

The view from the street side.
Because of the church neighborhood the front elevation is minimalistic, stressing out the place located by the busy road, which lights up the rooms. At night, the open work window emphasizes the building character.

The view from the garden side.
The elevation is made of architectural concrete and off-white plank. We used natural wood and glass as well.