Larch House

The picturesque countryside of Wielkopolska, with a dense network of smaller and larger rivers, blue lakes and ponds, a rich tourist base with lots of attractions, It would be unwise not to use the potential of nature. It is where the Larch House is built. The idea of the project is the fusion of the natural environment, the context of the site, the investor’s thoughts, the formal conditions and the philosophy of Feng Shui.

The idea is to use the terrain assets as a natural shield of the house from the North and East, which protects from wind, cooling and local hunters. A barrier against the effects of negative energy on the wetlands will be provided. The green slope, in addition to its protective function, will also serve as a terrace - a place to relax and play. The embankment surrounding the house will form a natural patio/ atrium that provides discretion and security.

The house building and the small exterior office/library building were located parallel to each other. The architectural form is the result of the formation of a bank and the imposed conditions of the building. The proposed surface areas will serve as internal green terraces with a view perspective. They will encourage recreation, meditation and silencing.

The complex was placed on a small bank, providing interesting, scenic views on the lake, while at the same time hiding the garage/ carport at the roots of the hill. The green spine of the slope naturally passes into the terrace, expanding the leisure space of the house.

External passages in the form of wooden paths (referring to the pier) have been considered and conducted so that the hosts and guests can reach the car park/the border of the habitat freely. One of them is the path that connects the private land with the forest, allowing the owners to explore it.

The architecture complements the environment and acts functionally. The light-open wall refers to the surrounding forest and becomes an interesting form of closing the house. The open-air vertical wooden elements look extremely spectacular at day and night, not being massive. The elevation of the building is made of the Polish Larch planks, arranged in such a way as to make the buildings simple and monolithic. Over time, atmospheric conditions transform the wood to cover with characteristic natural grey shaded patina.