Tauron - Multi-functional auditorium for leading power group

The concept was to design the minimalistic and elegant space to emphasize the status of the company. Our main task was to convert social- office building from the 70s. Apart from assembly hall we modified the entrance zone, sanitary rooms and information point. Thanks to basic colours, materials and lighting we gained elegant and simple interiors.

The auditory for 240 people, can be transformed into two smaller independent halls with 5 metres high sliding wall of very good acoustic performance. Additional equipment are elegant foldable cushions and movable tables which can be kept in storage rooms. This solution enables fast rearrangement and adjusting the space to particular needs.

The hall next to the entrance is a waiting room and food zone in special rooms that can be entered straight form the hall. The ceiling is made of Ecophone system panels. The staircase and the wall along the corridor were covered with frosted glass. Metal furniture and concrete flooring finish stress the harsh and elegant character of place.