Osiedle Rycerskie - housing estate in Będzin

The project of the housing estate in the neighbourhood of Przemsza River and the medieval castle is continuation of the local building form with the characteristic constant elevation line along the streets and courtyards among buildings. The place is perfect for those who want to live in the city centre in the vicinity of green zones and local and national motorways.

The arrangement consists of three buildings developed in three stages. :
Układ obejmuje trzy budynki, realizowane w trzech etapach.

Stage I

Segment A, located along 11 Listopada Street is a six-storey building with two-storey arcades. There are underground car park, storage rooms at -1 and commercial spaces on the ground floor. There are 64 flats between 43,2 m²- 72.0 m² consisting of 2- 4 rooms which can be merged or changed according to one’s needs. Some of the flats have pantries and dressing rooms. Most of the flats have balconies.

Stage II i III

Segment 2 and 3 located at Jasna Street are six-storey twin buildings with commercial space on the ground floor. Each building has 20 two- or three-room flats between 42,3 m²- 57,6 m². Some flats have dressing rooms. All of them have at least one balcony. The commercial spaces can be merged. There are plans to build hidden, roofed car park covered with plants that will refer to green zones designed around the buildings.


Among the buildings there are green zones connected to nearby city square closed for vehicles with lots of small architecture forms, playground for children and place for tenants’ meetings. The elevations are designed as light open-work white walls with wooden elements creating cosy and attractive space for inhabitants.