Office in Sosnowiec

The purpose of the project work was to divide the space- 140 m2, 6m high- into smaller ones, to adjust the space for small company and make optimal use of the building.

The interior was spacious, well lit, with standard finish. Office space accessible from the main building hall.

The realization took 1,5 month since the approval of initial concept and signing of the contract. During works all the details and location of office zones were agreed with the contractor. We started with wall construction which divided the space and then mezzanine construction was made to take advantage of the height. We decided to use the OSBs- 22m- manufactured without any harmful substances. The next element of the process was completing the walls, stairs, mezzanine and closets for documents constructions. We implemented ecological and economical solutions with short deadline.

The scope of work, description of assumptions, description od final effect. Project works consisted of conceptual project, functional division and multi branch executive project together with supervising the implementation of guidelines. The idea of the project was designing the space convenient for small size companies.

In the middle of the office open space we located large ‘crafting’ table for discussions, touching on more than work...There, new ideas show up as workers spend lots of time there. The walls are covered with OSBs painted black or colourless, highlighting the harsh character of compacted wood. Closets for documents and micro kitchen arrangement hidden behind natural OSBs door. For those who need to talk on the phone, we designed acoustic telephone booths. For meetings there is a special space under the mezzanine. The managers reside on the mezzanine to be in touch with the rest of the team.

The space was divided into different zones of creative thinking to increase team’s efficiency. Functional layout consists of entrance zone with a small waiting room separated from open space with openwork wooden construction. It is situated on two levels, optimally using the space.

The realization met all the project requirements. We created simple, modern office space with clear visual and ergonomic character. Natural wood combined with dark colors plus high quality office furniture and equipment like Herman Miller’s armchairs, computers and intelligent illumination system make the office a perfect place to work in.