Bistro mojego Brata in Zawiercie

Bistro Mojego Brata located in the center of Zawiercie is like a breath of fresh air for the city.

The premises that previously served as a clothing store have undergone a complete metamorphosis. The project involved creating a designer space tailored to the needs of various clients. Investor very actively participated in the design process, which resulted in a tailor-made, cozy, modern bistro.

Functional arrangement

The space was divided in a few zones: business meeting zone, working zone, dinner for two zone and VIP zone. There is also a stage for performances, concerts or stand ups.

Elements of interior design

The materials used in the interior were chosen to make homely atmosphere. Natural wood, black and white with other colours accents, fabrics: cushions, soft sofas, floor and hanging lamps add modern character. On warmer days the terrace and courtyard with tables, comfortable chairs and swings become additional spaces for clients. There’s also small playground for kids. The whole is surrounded with decorative grass.

Mimo zróżnicowanych pomieszczeń i wykorzystaniu oryginalnych, kolorowych mebli i różnych rozwiązań wykończeniowych, charakter tego miejsca został zachowany- jest minimalistycznie, przemysłowo i nowocześnie.