Interiors of Bochnia Barn

The interiors of contemporary barn in Bochnia are spacious, without many division walls, with multiple glazings, opening for surrounding landscape.

Starting from the entrance situated in the glass passage we are in touch with the outside. A long corridor leads to the living room with partially open kitchen, to finish with two- storey glazed wall viewing the nearby hills. Each building has its own function- one is a living space, the other is a garage plus an open part for a summer kitchen with garden furniture.

Downstairs there are artist’s studio, storeroom, guest room, kitchen, dining room with a living room and a bathroom joined all together by a long corridor. The attic is an intimate zone with dressing rooms, bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The living room was arranged to stay cosy and non-comittal with the tv and a library part. Another zone- more representative one- has a dining table and a gas fireplace. The horizontal set of monster flowers above the living room breaks the height sensation.