Hotel in Katowice

Hotel building situated near Katowice/ Pyrzowice airport was an inspiration for creating the light pure form of characteristic shape. Natural lay of the land, proximity to forest and airport influenced the shape and character of the building. This is simple, ascetic architecture of high quality standard of interior and surroundings design.

At first sight white elevation with symmetrically located windows gives an ordered and coherent look. Clear division between storeys introduces some dynamism. Elegance and minimalism of the outside promises smart functional distinction and consequent interiors arrangements.

Category: Public
Investor- Private
Status- Building project
Localisation: Katowice
Year: 2011

Technical data:
Useful area- ground-floor: 1100 m2
Useful area- 1st and 2nd floor: 2x 1200m2
Building area: 1200 m2
Ridge height: 11.9 m