OVH - biuro informatyków

Cooperating with the French Designer Studio we successfully completed the project of interiors for OVH company in Wroclaw. Creating the office space we took into consideration three types of workers (according to their mobility types) and six corresponding office ideas:

Stand alone- single office space, in a separate room, impossible to book in advance. One can calm down, focus and make a phone conversation not being distracted there.

Share- a conference or gathering room, in a separate room, possible to book in advance. The walls are covered with white boards to note ideas and thoughts. created for meetings with partners, candidates or suppliers.

Update- open space office with cupboards, shelves, seats, white boards for workshops and training sessions. created also for presenting new projects.

Framework- open space with regulable desks and mobile seats, sofas and whiteboards. Perfect for short meetings or project briefs.

Ping- space for individual or team work with table and whiteboard, located near the open social space, excellent place for debriefing or mail check.

Reboot- a space with comfortable, equipped kitchen, game console and a cosy place to read. Created for relaxation and entertainment for individuals as well as teams.

Thanks to that precise devision of functions workers feel comfortable no matter of day time or a taks to fulfill.