The House in Chruszczobród

The house opens onto a garden that penetrates its interior thanks to large glazing. Standing inside we are part of this magical environment. The colors are contrasting with each other, nature complements the pure form of the building.

The object consists of three simple ridge roofed buildings shaped like traditional houses. They were functionally divided into garage, art studio and home building. The main conditions for this project we took into consideration were the functional arrangement, plot’s exposure to sunlight and topography. The wide driveway and the garage emphasize public wide-open area. Then we move to the art studio and home building. The last was situated simultaneously to both buildings, in the distance enabling comfortable crossing to the private space. That is why between the buildings we’ve got the walking route leading us to the private space, revealing at the same time interesting architecture perspectives and surrounding landscape view.

The roof, the elevation and the terrace of three buildings were made of polish larch which created monochromic simple forms. Granite cobblestone emphasizes the wide-open space, while the wooden terrace, leading us into the garden, symbolizes the private space. Big rocks dug out during the construction works became the initial point for arranging the green space. The stones of different fractions surround the buildings- starting from the small sized, up to the monumental boulders characteristic of Jura region.

There is clear division of space in each building. In the home building we’ve got the living space- open for daily use and private one- consisting of children’s and parents’ bedrooms. In the art studio we’ve got the mezzanine arranged for guests with a garden view. Large windows, connecting the interior with surrounding nature, emphasize the garden area among the home building and art studio. The frontside walls are minimalistic without any distinctive divisions like windows or doors.

The concept of the project was to preserve the austere and simple form of buildings which allowed us to achieve modern and timeless character of place and architecture.